About Crystal Square

Crystal Square was started by Peppie Bapanayya, building on 6 years of previous experience in the corporate gifts industry, and many years as a manager in the corporate world.

Peppie had seen from personal experience that the corporate gifts world was inhabited by a small group of importers and a host of questionable resellers. It seemed that anybody who was looking to make some money could just enter the industry and start selling gifts.

Peppie was committed to finding a way of rising above this short-term world of chaos, chance and disrespect for the client. Thus, Crystal Square was born.

Crystal Square adds value in the following ways:

This means that we are not limited to supply only one range of gifts, but can instead focus on finding the right product that will add the most value to our client. We are able to source both budget ranges as well as upmarket options, depending on the needs of our clients.
But prefer to be in it for the long term by building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We do this by meeting with our clients and establishing their needs for corporate gifts over time.

We guide our clients through product selection, distribution and the need the gift will fulfil for their target market. We pro-actively keep our clients informed of appropriate gift opportunities and suggest items that will complement the occasion.

We have developed unique gift bag offerings, where a number of items are bundled together and used in targeted promotions. We are able to offer standard gift bags or develop an individual gift bag to suit a specific client need.

We are keen to show you how all this works in practice, so why not contact us straight away for a free no-obligations consultation.

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